Using Docker on your Server

Learn how to use Docker on your existing VPS

A clear, fun e-book showing you how to use Docker on your existing server to deploy multiple applications in a flexible way.

Learn Docker

Get started with Docker in a safe, sandboxed environment.

Use *your* VPS

"Dockerize" your existing server to start working with containers.

Isolate your apps

Use Docker to deploy and run your applications with confidence.

A little bit of background

Hello, I'm James Adam. I've been a software developer for around 15 years, and for much of that time I've been working on and hosting my own projects.

I think Docker is a really exciting and useful technology, but I don't want to have to become a full-blown dev-ops master in order to use it with my own projects, on my own virtual private server.

I wrote a short blog post explaining how I got to this point. I'd love to know what you think!